· Lorenzo Paderi


Smile is a simple emoji picker for linux with custom tags support.

Localized tags + english fallback!

English fallback!

Go to Preferences > Localized tags > Merge localized tags!

Custom tags

No matter how many tags we put in, there is always going to be that one emoji which you expect to show up when you search, but it doesn’t.

An example?
Do you want 🌐 to show up when you search for “internet”, but it is only tagged as “globe”?

Select the icon using the arrow keys and press Alt + T or Middle Click to open the custom tag manager.

Custom shortcut

This app does not register its own system-wide shortcut, but you can create your custom shortcut for Smile by launching this command:

flatpak run it.mijorus.smile

Skintone selector

Press Alt + E or Right Click on any emoji with the rounded top-right corner (see screenshot below).

Multi selection

Use Shift + Enter to select multiple emojis; use Ctrl+Enter to quit without selecting an additional emoji


Please check out https://smile.mijorus.it/changelog